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This Video describes our AMAZING Professional Cat Sitting, Dog Sitting, Dog Walking, House & Pet Sitting Services for pet owners in Tucson, AZ

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Are you worried your CATS are BORED or LONELY while you travel for work or take a vacation? 

Would you like your dog to have a POWER  WALK to burn off their excess energy while you are at work?

The Pet Nanny In-Home Pet Sitting

is your GO-TO provider of quality in-YOUR-home pet care while you’re away. 

Because there’s NO place like HOME, especially for your pet!!

Daily Dog Walking

Dog Walker

Our daily dog walking is the perfect option when you are away from home all day. Choose between 1 or 2 pampering walks, or extra TLC and a needed potty break.

Cuddly Cat Sitters

cuddly kittens sharing the bed

Our cuddly cat care is the perfect service for those fluffy felines who deserve the absolute best pampering and playtime. We know and love cats!

Overnight Pet Sitting

Dog Walker

Perhaps your pup needs a bit more TLC. Our overnight care is the ideal solution for those furry family members that deserve a slumber party.

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We know you want the VERY BEST care for your furry friend. Give us 5 minutes on the phone to answer your questions!

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Putting Your Mind at Ease

“Just wanted to let you know that I am home, and my kids look great.  My Pet Sitter was the perfect fit, and I look forward to her watching them again.  She put my mind at ease, and I enjoyed my trip much more with her sending daily updates and pictures.”

-Rita C.

“Your expertise, professionalism and attention to detail are truly extraordinary!”

-Diane B. East, Tucson

“Our very old, very neurotic dog needed a lot of help to make it through our absence and The Pet Nanny In-Home Pet Sitting cared for him exquisitely!”            –  Judy L. Midtown, Tucson

“Thank you for the service you provide.  It not only gives us peace of mind knowing our cats are being taken good care of, but it also sets our mind at ease knowing our house is being looked after as well.”

-Stacey F.

“Thank you so much for the note, taking care of them all, as well as the house and plants! The animals all look like they had a very relaxing time with you here! We greatly appreciate all that you did, the updates, and peace of mind brought by you taking care of them! You and your service are excellent and we speak so highly when folks asked where the pups and kitty were and who was watching them! Thank you again! “

– Ryan and Megan