Foolproof Formula to Make Sure Your Dog WILL be found when lost

When was the last time you checked your Dog’s ID tag?   For clarity, readability, if it was still attached to the collar??  I had the unfortunate, or in this case fortunate, experience of this happening to me late one night. 

I was driving home from a pet sit at 10:15pm in the rain, on a normally busy street in The Catalina Foothills area of Tucson, AZ.   I have a habit of sweeping my eyes across to the sides of the road because I have had coyotes and javelinas run into my path.  So I am on my guard given it is dark, wet and with no street lights around.  So I was surprised when I could barely make out 2 wiggly creatures on the right side of the road coming towards me.  One had a high, fast moving tail which looked like it belonged to a dog.  And it had a companion with it. Keep On Reading

14 Steps to Prepare Your Pet Sitter For Success

The dogs sitting nicely for their treatsMy family and I recently took a vacation and I needed a Pet Sitter.  Fortunately for us, I own a Professional Pet Sitting company, The Pet Nanny In Home Pet Sitting, LLC.  But even though I know my Pet sitters would do a great job, being the “client” gave me a totally new perspective.  And while I have traveled in the past and used my Pet sitters to care for my animals, this trip really hit home as to what is required of my clients prior to going away as well as how I felt while I was gone.    A few things I learned…

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Why Do I Need a Pet Sitter?

  • cat looking out the windowDo you work long hours during the day?
  • Do you think your dog gets bored or lonely while you are gone?
  • Do you have someone to care for your cat while you travel?
  • Do you have a new puppy that needs potty breaks during the day while you are at work?
  • Do you have a Senior pet that needs extra TLC?
  • Does your cat refuse to use the litter box if it is too dirty?
  • Do you have a pet that needs regular medication?

These are just a few of reasons why you need a Pet Sitter!  We consider our own pets part of our family, and our Client’s pets part of our extended family.  We provide quality, personalized care for your pets and home while you are away. 

Here are 4 top benefits of hiring a Pet Sitter: Keep On Reading

3 TIPS to Help YOU and Your PETS Stay Safe in the Desert

Rattle Snake Did you know that baby rattlesnakes don’t have rattles and adult rattles can break off?

The Rattlesnake is the most famous of Arizona’s deadly snakes and their name comes from the specialized rattle at the end of their tail – which they shake as a warning signal. But not always!  Rattlesnakes are just one of the many hazards dogs encounter in the desert – either in their own backyard or while on a walk with their owners.

Knowing and respecting desert wildlife and your surroundings will help you and your pet avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous run-ins. Below are a few tips to help you and your pets stay safe in the desert. Keep On Reading

3 Reasons Why Every Day visits are a MUST for Cat Sitters

Angel playing with toysPeople are often surprised to hear that we require every day visits for indoor cats.  They assume that all cats are independent and only need food , water and a litter box to survive.  But cats also rely on their owners for love, affection and knowing the signs when they are not feeling well.

When leaving town, some cat owners may leave out food and water for their cat for a few days instead of hiring a Professional Pet Sitter to check in on them regularly. While it may be easier on the wallet, it isn’t easy on the cat.  Even the pickiest and shyest cat likes to know someone will be there to provide food, fresh water and a clean litter box on a regular basis.  They need a sense of security to keep them stress free even if they seem independent. Keep On Reading

3 Commonly asked Questions of a Giant Breed Dog Owner

Tank and Shannon resting after swimmingAww, such a sweet dog but they don’t live very long do they?

This is often the first question people ask me when they see me with my 10 year old Great Dane, Shannon.   According to Professional Dog trainer, Katie Finlay, who wrote the 10 Shortest Living Dog Breeds, Great Danes are #2 with a life span of only 6-8 years.   But would that really stop me from owning such a “Gentle Giant”?  Keep On Reading