• Play time with your pet(s)
    • Feeding
    • Fresh water
    • Medications (liquid, pill & ointment)
    • Cleaning food & water bowls
    • Cleaning pet areas
    • Brushing
    • Eye cleaning
    • Dog walking, or backyard potty breaks
    • Scooping cat litter at each visit
    • Changing cat litter as needed
    • Indoor/outdoor plant watering
    • Mail & newspaper pick-up
    • Federal Express & UPS – door package retrieval
    • Front door ad removal
    • Reversing blinds, draperies & lights
    • Taking trash/recycle bins to curb and back
    • Home Security Detail
    • Transport pets to Vet/Groomer
    • Pet Supply Shopping


    Home Care Services may include:

    • Plant watering & light care (inside & out)
    • Frost plant cover – upon client request only
    • Outdoor bird feeders & water refilled
    • Check mail
    • Fed express/UPS/DHL – door package retrieval
    • Collect all front door advertisements, newspapers, notes, etc.
    • Sweep doorway area, if needed
    • Rotate blinds and lights
    • Fountain monitoring, water refill, mosquito bacteria pill refill
    • Automatic fish tank feeder monitoring
    • TV/Radio on/off rotation
    • Swimming pool – visual monitoring, empty filters
    • Home security check
    • Local contact for neighbors
    • Other misc. household requests
  • We service Northeast, East Tucson, and The Catalina Foothills 


  • We accept Cash, Check, Paypal and all Major Credit Cards

    The Details:

    Payment for Services

    Payment for services is submitted at least 2 days before services begin or, in the case of cash or check, is left on the counter for our first pet sit. We use Paypal Email Invoicing System for service transactions. We also take Credit Cards with the required information provided in advance.

    Paypal Invoicing

    A Paypal invoice is sent to the client’s email a week prior to the pet sit date. Payment may be submitted anytime prior to the beginning of the first pet sit. Clients follow the link in their email to submit a safe, online payment.

    Checks or Cash

    If Paypal is not used, the client is required to leave payment on the counter along with the New Travel Information Form at the time of our first pet sitting service.

    Credit Cards

    If a Client would like to use a Credit Card for payment, instead of going through Paypal, the required card information needs to be provided in advance. Information includes:

    – Credit Card holder Name

    – Address

    – Type of payment (Visa, MasterCard, etc)

    – Credit card number

    – Expiration date

    – Security Code (on back, or front if Am Ex)

    • We are Insured and Bonded
    • We are Accredited with the Better Business Bureau
    • We provide Excellent References
    • We belong to Pet Sitters International AND The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
    • We attend pet related continuing Education classes and Conventions
    • We are highly committed to offering excellence and integrity to the animal care profession
    • We truly respect our clients, their homes, and precious animals.
    • We use a Written Contract
    • We have many years of Experience in caring for various types of pets
    • We leave Daily Notes to document pet activities, behavior & health while you’re away
    • We have a Contingency Plan in case of personal illness or emergency
    • We offer the Team Approach for your pet’s Added Protection
    • We are dedicated to the welfare and protection of animals in our community and around the world through active voting of animal rights, including promoting and supporting the propositions and laws against animal cruelty activities.
    • We encourage spaying and neutering of all domesticated animals.
    • We believe in offering love, daily attention, and much kindness, along with quality food, fresh water, indoor shelter to protect against Arizona’s brutal summer heat, cold winter nights, intense thunderstorms, and local wild life.