Meet Our Team

We hire ONLY dedicated pet care professionals. Our employees have practical experience in the pet care field. We run an extensive screening process on all applicants. All team members participate in on-going education. Your care provider is taught how to best handle your pets and keep them safe. Read about our amazing team!!!

Teresa Bruner

Woman hugging Great Dane dog
Hi, I am Teresa Bruner, Owner of The Pet Nanny In-Home Pet Sitting, LLC. These are my 2 dogs Venice and Henry.


Woman hugging cat
Hi my name is Meghan. I’ve been pet sitting with The Pet Nanny for 8+ years and before that with another pet sitting company for 3 years. I have worked with animals my entire adult life and have always had my own pets. I currently have 1 cat named Sonny and a rescue dog named Bodie. I love pet sitting and I truly fall in love with all of the pets I care for! I look forward to caring for your pets as well!

Dog looking at camera


Woman and 2 dogs looking at camera
My name is Dara, and I am a third generation Arizona Native. I am a lover of all animals and really enjoy working with The Pet Nanny where I care for each pet I visit with love and respect. I have had many pets over the years including dogs, turtles, fish, snakes, and birds. I am the proud mother of two wonderful daughters, and two sweet and energetic dogs. My pets are considered as members of the family and are nearly always found on my lap or right by my side. When I am not doing pet sits, I can be found working in the Health Information Management Department of Tucson Medical Center, playing tennis or hiking, or coaching for the Special Olympics.


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Hi I’m Laura and am a dog Mom. I also volunteer as a Foster for new Mama cats with kittens. I bring them into my home and make sure the kittens have an awesome start to their new life. It is very rewarding to see them mature and socialize with my pups.

Gayle S

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