Polices and Procedures


We offer a free consultation in your home. We meet you and your pets and walk through your daily pet care routine. Before the consultation, we email our service forms. The service forms should be completed by the time we meet for our consultation.

Our service forms include:

  • Specific Pet & Home Care Instructions
  • Veterinarian Contact Information
  • Pet Medical Emergency Coverage
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • In-Home Pet Sitting Service Agreement

Two working house keys are required at time of consultation

Payment for Services

Payment for services is submitted at least 2 days before services begin or, in the case of cash or check, is left on the counter for our first pet sit.


Refunds or credits are given at company owner’s discretion.

Early Return

We request that clients provide 24 hours notice if they will be returning home early. Otherwise pet sits scheduled within 24 hours of the notification will not be refunded.  

Late notice Cancellations

Clients cancelling services within 24 hours of the start of their first pet sit will be charged for the cancelled pet sits falling within the 24 hours of notification.  

Holiday Deposits

Usually requires no deposit for established clients. During peak Holiday times, New Clients will need to provide a 50% deposit to hold the reservation.

Holiday Cancellations

Cancellation fees will apply for Pet Sits and Overnight Services during peak Holiday times (New Client’s deposit not refunded)

Regular morning & evening visits

It is recommended that you book services at least 2 weeks prior. However, we try very hard to accommodate our established clients for last minute notices.

Concerns you should know about Every Other Day Pet Sitting

We DO NOT accept every other day pet sitting reservations. All pet sitting services must be scheduled at least 1 x per day, in consecutive days in a row, at least one day after your departure to one day before your arrival date. This assures us that if your pet ends up stuck behind a dryer or other location, becomes ill, or the home air conditioner breaks in the summer, they can be assisted in a reasonable amount of time.

Infectious or Contagious Disease or Illness

We do not care for animals with Infectious or Contagious Diseases or Illnesses.  Even if the animal is quarantined away from other animals in the house.   Reason being that we visit multiple houses each day and cannot risk spreading the illness not only to our pet sitters, but also to our other clients’ animals.