Polices and Procedures


We offer 1 free consultation in your home. We meet you and your pets and walk through your daily pet care routine. Before the consultation, we email Login activation information to access our software system.  Clients will then complete the home and pet information prior to our consultation.  Should a client wish to have a pet sitter return for additional instructions or meetings with the animals prior to the start of the pet sits, the client will be billed as a 30-minute visit at the prescribed rate.  

Instead of Pet sitters keeping keys, we use a key less process to access a client’s home.  This allows for increased security for you, knowing the whereabouts of your house keys at all times.  It also allows us to better accommodate last minute pet sit requests.  

Below are ways to leave a key for us at the visit:

1. Use a lock box with key inside and leave on your property.

2. Have an electronic doorknob with keypad.  

3 Provide us with your garage door keypad code AND have a key on your property for us to use in the event of a power outage.

 4. Simply hide a key for sitters to use.


During the consultation please let the pet sitter know the location of the lock box/key and the lock box code.  And be sure to enter the information into our secure software system, Time to Pet.  

Payment for Services

Payment for services is submitted at least 2 days before services begin.  We offer electronic payment (Credit Cards or ACH) via our Secure Pet Sitting Software, Time to Pet.  

Please note:  We charge a 5% Admin fee to all invoices 

Early Return

Once a pet sit reservation has begun, No refunds or service credits will be issued for early returns or cancelled visits.


Cancellation Policy Vacation Care: 

  • 0-24 Hours’ notice:  50%of the total reservation bill is due 
  • 2-4 days’ notice: 25% of the total reservation bill is due 
  • 5 or more days’ notice:  there is no cancellation fee

Holiday Cancellations:  Cancellation during any HOLIDAY week:

  • 0-3 days’ notice: 100% of the reservation bill is due
  • 4-7 days’ notice:  50% of the reservation bill is due
  • 8 or more days’ notice: there is no cancellation fee

Holidays are:   New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

Cancellation Policy for recurring schedule daily dog walking clients: Pet sits cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will not be refunded.  If cancellation is due to client illness, pet sitters will not care for the animals while client is home so as not to become infected.  Cancellation policy still applies.  

Holiday Deposits

Usually requires no deposit for established clients. During peak Holiday times, New Clients will need to provide a 50% deposit to hold the reservation.

Regular daytime visits

It is recommended that you book services at least 1 week prior. However, we try very hard to accommodate our established clients with last minute requests.

Concerns you should know about Every Other Day Pet Sitting

We DO NOT accept every other day pet sitting reservations. All pet sitting services must be scheduled at least 1 x per day, in consecutive days in a row, at least one day after your departure to one day before your arrival date. This assures us that if your pet ends up stuck behind a dryer or other location, becomes ill, or the home air conditioner breaks in the summer, they can be assisted in a reasonable amount of time.

Infectious or Contagious Disease or Illness

We do not care for animals with Infectious or Contagious Diseases or Illnesses.  Even if the animal is quarantined away from other animals in the house.   Reason being that we visit multiple houses each day and cannot risk spreading the illness not only to our pet sitters, but also to our other clients’ animals.