Foolproof Formula to Make Sure Your Dog WILL be found when lost

When was the last time you checked your Dog’s ID tag?   For clarity, readability, if it was still attached to the collar??  I had the unfortunate, or in this case fortunate, experience of this happening to me late one night. 

I was driving home from a pet sit at 10:15pm in the rain, on a normally busy street in The Catalina Foothills area of Tucson, AZ.   I have a habit of sweeping my eyes across to the sides of the road because I have had coyotes and javelinas run into my path.  So I am on my guard given it is dark, wet and with no street lights around.  So I was surprised when I could barely make out 2 wiggly creatures on the right side of the road coming towards me.  One had a high, fast moving tail which looked like it belonged to a dog.  And it had a companion with it. Keep On Reading