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  • cat looking out the windowDo you work long hours during the day?
  • Do you think your dog gets bored or lonely while you are gone?
  • Do you have someone to care for your cat while you travel?
  • Do you have a new puppy that needs potty breaks during the day while you are at work?
  • Do you have a Senior pet that needs extra TLC?
  • Does your cat refuse to use the litter box if it is too dirty?
  • Do you have a pet that needs regular medication?

These are just a few of reasons why you need a Pet Sitter!  We consider our own pets part of our family, and our Client’s pets part of our extended family.  We provide quality, personalized care for your pets and home while you are away. 

Here are 4 top benefits of hiring a Pet Sitter:

1.  Your pet is in their OWN home, sleeping in their own bed, eating their own food, eating and drinking from their own dishes, playing with their own toys…. They are already familiar with their own home so why disrupt their routine?   Being in their own home while you are away eliminates the stress of an unknown place, unknown sounds, strangers, etc. It also prevents them from possibly picking up an illness from another animal or facility if boarded or kenneled. kitty sleeping in the sun



   2.    Your pet is our priority.  Our job is to do what you need and want us to do with your pet.  Whether that is walking the dog, brushing the cat, feeding them their favorite meals, putting on their favorite DVD….. We are there for them.  It can be tiring to come home after a long day and have a dog with unleashed energy waiting at the door for you.  How about having a pet sitter stop by mid day to walk him for 30 minutes?  It gives your pup a break, He receives some exercise, fresh water, maybe a treat or two.  He will be much happier for it!  I have a dog client who is full of energy. German Shepherd playing with ballsWhen out of town, her Mom hires me to spend 60 minutes a day tossing endless balls for her to retrieve.  The purpose is to give her exercise, release her pent up energy, break up her long day, give her mental stimulation, add a potty and water break and of course, extra TLC.

3.  We are reliable. We won’t cancel on you last minute…. If I had a nickel for every last minute call I’ve received whereby a potential client has a “friend” who was going to pet sit but just cancelled… And now they are desperate. We are a Professional Pet Sitting Company. We won’t cancel, we won’t forget to come by….we will show up and we will care for your pet as our own. I have some clients tell me they would rather “pay” for a Professional Pet Sitter than bother their neighbor who could help out.       With a professional, you tell us when you want our services, what you want done and how the pet should be cared for ….and we follow through. And we text you regularly to tell you how your pet is doing. Oh, and we do the other “home related” things for you as well…. Get your paper, mail, take out/in garbage bins, water plants, and alternate lights/blinds and make it look like someone is home. Kitty in cat tree playing with toys


4.  We are mature. We’ve been at this a long time…. Our pet sitters not only own their own animals, but have been caring for other pets for years. We hire experienced, mature, pet loving people. This means they treat your home with respect. They ensure your pet requests are honored. They make sure your pet and home are safe. They know how to handle an emergency, whether related to your home or pet. And our sitters have back up if an extra hand is needed. We have dealt with leaky roofs, electrical fires, sick cats needing Vet attention, new puppy care, vomit, diarrhea, and all the other fun things that come with taking care of homes and animals. We watch for unusual behaviors and text you to let you know what’s going on.       We notice if your cat is drinking too much water or hasn’t had a bowel movement. We know to keep the dogs on our watch away from other dogs while walking. While your dog may be friendly, we never assume another dog is. We redirect them when javelinas appear on our walk, know what to do if we see a snake, coyote, cactus in our path. And most importantly, we are Bonded and Insured so that you can leave your home and pets knowing that they are in safe and trusting hands. dogs on a walk in the desert

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